LifeLine Response – A 911 App That Gets It Right!

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Sprint’s Accelerator Demo Day (Powered by TechStars) in Kansas City, Missouri with Ildar and some friends. One of the companies that presented was Clandestine Development, LLC creators of LifeLine Response. LifeLine Response is a functional 911 mobile App that can automatically call for help when you get into trouble. Unlike some of the other 911 apps that are out there which simply dial 911 with the hopes that you’ll be able to talk while your being attacked, this one actually calls 911 for you and give dispatchers your last known GPS location along with other vital information which police can use to identify you. Additionally the service will notify up to 7 family or friends that something has happened to you and gives them information about your last known location which can be handy if they’re nearby.

The app is $9.99 and is available in Android’s Marketplace and in iTunes and works by either holding down a button on the screen which if released will notify dispatchers or by setting a timer if you feel like your going into an area which might be a dead zone, like an underground parking lot with no cell signal or WiFi. In addition to being a great safety tool LifeLine is also aggregating data local law enforcement and city officials can use to identify trouble areas. For example, if people are always activating the app on a certain portion of a street where they feel unsafe then it’s pretty safe to assume that there is shady activity or maybe it’s simply a general lack of lighting in the area. Either way, users feel safer and the data they generate while using the system can potentially identify trouble hotspots before they become a larger problem. All in all I think this is a great app and I recommend it for anyone who has to regularly make their way through shady areas at night to get to their destination.

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